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Bushing Shops

The majority of our business is that of supplying machine shops with aluminum-bronze part blanks.  Most of these blanks are "flanged bushing" shaped and range in size from inside diameters as small as 1.88", to flange diameters as large as 12.50”.  We have learned that even though typical semi-finished part blank machining tolerances are fairly "open", our customers are better served when we supply a given lot of parts that are not only within the semi-finished limits, but also have a high degree part to part dimensional consistency and roundness.  Therefore, we use CNC turning equipment to perform our last machining operation.  On the CNC lathes, our jobs are run in “pie" jaws that have been"“cut-in” to match the diameter of cylinder coming off our turret lathes where the initial machining takes place.  With each set-up, we check our first part with a Coordinate Measuring Machine to verify the set-up was good, and the parts are not only on size, but also round to within 0.001".  Moreover, the flange diameters will receive a light finishing pass to assure an extra degree of accuracy.  This is standard procedure, as the flange diameter is usually the first part feature on which our customer will chuck.  Our ultimate goal is to eliminate unnecessary prep operations in your shop, by supplying a given lot of parts that you can measure, record the size, cut-in your soft jaws, and run production without issues.  

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